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Grammar Resources Grades 2-5


Grammar Notebooks/Journals




Grammar Videos for all ages



Noun and Verb Charades

Divide players into 2 teams. One player from each team draws a word out of a bag and acts the word out. The other team has to guess the word and if it is a noun or a verb.

(You can also use adjectives and verbs, adverbs and nouns, etc)





Noun and Verb Cheer Game




ReflexiveNouns Station




Possessive Nouns are a Hoot




Collective Noun Valentine Center




Spelling Question and Answer Game

Write Spelling Word on board behind student. The class and the student have a copy of the spelling list as a reference. The standing student who is guessing asks questions of the class—does it start with a “n” or does it rhyme with “fall” or does it end with a “t”? Members of the class are called on to answer these questions. Once the student standing knows which spelling word, the student must flip over the list and spell it from memory. 


Noun and Verb Sorts



Book with hands on grammar activities and definitions grades 2-5: partner and independent activities, foldable and notebooking ideas



More hands on activities : prepositional poems, sentence building, onomatopoeia, etc



Grammar Videos



http://www.fcrr.org/curriculum/SCA_CCSS_index.shtm - click on the grade level for tons of great resources for all ELA standards, including Language standards


http://www.harcourtschool.com/menus/language_arts/grammar_park_g4.html  - tons of grammar practice games through Harcourt – available for grades 3-5 (just change the number 4 at the end of the URL to switch grade levels)


www.schoastic.storyworks.com – issues are available online in PDF form with tons of ELA activities for each passage, including language standards


Past, Present, and Future Verb Classification


**See attached document for images*** Grammar Resources Grades 2 5.odt


Books:Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Culver

Bright colored paper , Markers

Lesson Ideas:
Triifold flip book:
First 1/3:
Top: verb
1st layer: past
2nd layer: present
3rd layer: future

Pull verbs from the book & put them on the foldable. Use each verb in a sentence in the correct tense (Cinderella polished the floor. Cinderella is still polishing the floor. Cinderella will need to polish the floor tomorrow.)






Sentence Types


**See attached document for images*** Grammar Resources Grades 2 5.odt 

Punctuation Takes a Vacation by Robin Pulver

Bright colored paper

Lesson Ideas:

Four-Door Foldable
Left side: Definition
Right Side: Example

Definition: Makes a statement; ends with a period
Example: The computer crashed last night.

Definition: Makes a command or strong request; ends with a period of exclamation point
Example: Fix the computer now.

Interogative Definition: Asks a question; ends with a question mark
Example: When did the computer crash?
Exclamtory: Expresses strong emotion; ends with an exclamation mark
Example: This is such a mess


Pender County Teacher “tested” ideas:

  • Cutting out from outdated grammar books

  • Scholastic – Let’s Find Out about Polar Bears – Nouns and Adjectives

  • Grammar Songs

  • Math Journals – trade to see if what was written is correct and check for complete sentence…

  • 4th Grade editing with 1st graders who are reading buddies

  • Grammar with a Giggle http://www.amazon.com/Caughtya-Grammar-Jane-Bell-Kiester/dp/0929895045

  • Study Island – Green Apple next to Standard

  • Fun Brain – parts of speech

  • Novel Study, acrostic poems to teleprompter – Green Screen

  • Prefix/Suffix Foldables – definition on left word from text on right



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